Colégio Efanor’s inspiring Family Day & bubbles

At Easter, students and families from Colégio Efanor combined their Family Day with some fundraising to help Bracelets and Peace.

You may remember reading about how this school helped us in July 2023 by making and selling 160 bracelets and raising 160 euros for Bracelets and Peace.

We used that money to help Vinnytsia Primary School #25 to set up their Safety Room.

Well, Colégio Efanor didn’t stop there! At the end of March, students at the school made bracelets, memory games, pasta necklaces, colouring books with their pencil drawings and squishy balloons.

Then, on a fun Family Day at Easter, these items were sold and a whopping 375 euros was raised!

We have already sent this money to Pivden razom in Odesa and they have bought 112 packets of nappies and 80 packs of wet wipes for the young children from the 2500 displaced families who are now in the area.

As you probably know, one of our key desires is to involve children in Bracelets and Peace – this is a wonderful example – but it doesn’t stop here! We asked Colégio Efanor to get their students to write about their latest experience, and yesterday, we received photos of their speech bubbles.

So, Anne had an idea to share these messages and speech bubbles with some lovely Ukrainian students in her online class with Smart Osvita. Elsa was also online, so it was even more special for us both!

We ‘explored’ Colégio Efanor via the photos on their website. What a wonderful building! We agreed it would be a great place to study!

Then, we made our own speech bubbles to share with Colégio Efanor to thank them! You can see what an impact your speech bubbles had, students!

Ira’s message
Polina’s bubble
Ksenia’s message
Elizabeth’s bubble
Our screens and messages
Bracelets and Peace’s message

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