The Sunderland-Bracelets and Peace connection

Since May 2022, when Anne first went to a meet-up of Sunderland for Ukraine, Bracelets and Peace has had a very strong, meaningful connection with Ukrainians in Sunderland. Katarzyna Posnik and other wonderful people in the Sunderland area made the task of arriving and settling into a new country a lot easier for so many Ukrainians.

Katarzyna Posnik and Anne
Yulia, Lisa, Tanya, Anna, Anne and Aleksandra

The Sunderland for Ukraine group has worked on so many projects – including one very important one with Bracelets and Peace, helping to get hundreds of children back to face to face lessons at Vinnytsia Primary School #25. You can read all about this in some of our previous stories like this one.

Every time Anne has been back in the Sunderland area, she has had the pleasure to meet up with Katarzyna and Aleksandra. And every time, the number of Ukrainian friends she has made there has grown.

Margaryta, Alona, Darina making bracelets

On one of Anne’s visits, she met Margaryta Marchenko, who’s from Dnipro. We asked Margaryta if she’d help us tell the story of the wonderful work that’s going on over in Sunderland these days. Thank you Margaryta for sending us this. (Margaryta is the lovely lady in the yellow T-shirt in the above photo and in the beautiful yellow dress in the photo below).

🇺🇦 The story of Ukrainians in Sunderland continues just like the war in Ukraine… These fragile women, united by a common grief and a common goal, continue to do good deeds with their golden hands for the sake of victory and peace.

Tatyana, Alona, Margarita, Daria, Marina, Olena, Tatyana. In the background: Liubov and Daria

On the eve of the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion,a fair of handmade goods, crafts and magic things was organised at the Salvation Army in Sunderland. We share this atmosphere of kindness with you ♥️

I am proud of this team and our friendship ♥️🇺🇦🇬🇧🇪🇦 says Marharyta.

Margaryta – you are all so right to be part of the impressive team of talents and good will that you’ve formed over in Sunderland.

And Bracelets and Peace is extremely proud of our friendship with you too! May it last forever!

And PS – we’ll be sharing the instructions for these chicks very soon on this webpage!

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