Headphones to enable online study for 13 teens

At Dovira orphanage, thirteen teenagers were trying to study online. In the same room, at the same time. This was proving impossible. When Nataliya Plesanko was visiting the orphanage, she saw this for herself and told the rest of the Bracelets and Peace team. We couldn’t let this situation continue.

A week later, thirteen bluetooth headphones were across in Ukraine, transported from Santander as usual with the help of the wonderful Halyna Klevan.

We realised after sending the headphones that they are obviously identical, so each person had to label their boxes carefully!

We were overjoyed to receive the photos of the students in their online lessons. They are now able to connect and concentrate much better!

Perhaps a few more computers or tablets rather than mobile phones might help too – maybe in the future?

Thank you Helene Kell, Durham Elvet Rotary, Tom Sharples, Barbara Broadbelt, Colegio Verdemar, Colegio Sagrada Familia, Unica Idiomas, and so many more wonderful people for helping us to keep doing these things!

Bracelets and Peace is committed to helping students continue with their studies. They are the future. They deserve all the help and as many opportunities as they can be given.

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