Wool wrapped hearts

Bracelets and Peace are always interested in new creations, so we’re so proud of our latest – Wool wrapped hearts.

They’re really easy to make and great for using up scraps of wool!

For each heart, you need:

  • a polystyrene heart (we usually make 5 cm and 6 cm hearts).
  • thin wool
  • cord or rope
  • a pin
  • glue
  • a large needle

1 Wrap the heart in wool until it’s completely covered. *Make sure you wrap the wool tight round the heart.

2 With a large needle, pull the end of the wool under part of the wrapping.

3 Take a 40 cm piece of cord or thin rope. Fold it in half and hold the middle. Push the pin through the middle of the cord.

Add some glue to the pin.

Push the pin into the middle of the heart at the top.

Leave to dry.

And you have a wool-wrapped heart! (Or three – like the ones below!)

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