Helping orphanages near Mukachevo

Since February 2023, Bracelets and Peace has been helping four orphanages near Mukachevo, in western Ukraine. We have been helping to send clothes, stuff for school and even food. The wonderful Mariya Pleskanka delivers the aid we send and buys the medicines and nappies with the donations.

Thanks to Halyna Klevan and the team of drivers who take parcels every week from Santander, Spain to the Ukrainian border, we have been able to send over a hundred parcels.

The donations come from many kind individuals and local families, as well as the wonderful students at Colegio Sagrada Familia.

The orphanages in Mukachevo

Druzhkivka Orphanage

Since April 2023, we have also been sending the money for a month’s medicines for the children with special needs who live at the “Druzhkivka” Orphanage.

Barvinok Orphanage

At “Barvinok” orphanage, there are currently around 35 children of different ages. We have been sending money to buy nappies for some of the younger children there.

Mariya Pleskanka with a month’s supply of nappies for the Barvinok orphanage.

Dovira Orphanage

At “Dovira” orphanage, there are 65 children. 50 of them are of school age, 15 of preschool age. This orphanage transferred from Dnipro March 2022. We have sent clothes and school items to help these children.

We hope to supply the children with some school stuff for the new academic year.

Meri Pucci and her friends in the USA kindly provide them with food every 2 weeks.

Obiymy Orphanage

At the “Obiymy” orphanage, there are 37 children of various ages. This orphanage also moved to Mukachevo from Dnipro.

They need nappies and some school stuff for the academic year.

Helping us

Thanks to the generosity of many individuals and families, and to our bracelet sales, we have helped these four orphanages a lot and we plan to keep helping them in the future. If you’d like to help us do this, please get in touch!

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