Bracelet making in CEPA Caligrama, Torrelavega

On June 5th, Natalia from Bracelets and Peace went to the CEPA Caligrama in Torrelavega, Cantabria. Elena, the Director of the school for adults very kindly organised a session for Bracelets and Peace to make bracelets with students from the school.

Everyone had a great time and as you can see in the photos, were successful in making their bracelets!

Thanks to this session, we raised 40 euros.

The next day (June 6th) was the day that the Nova Kakhovka dam collapsed and Bracelets and Peace decided to use the money we’d raised to help the Kherson region a little. We sent the money to Rescue Now, Help Kherson and Marena Chikova, a volunteer in the Kherson region whom we know personally.

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