Very appreciative feedback from SaFa students

After our visits to Colegio Sagrada Familia last week, some of the students wrote feedback for us about their experience. You can read about the visits and our bracelet-making there in our previous post.

Some of the students wrote about their impressions in Spanish. Eduardo and Jimena said how much they’d enjoyed the activity and were glad that it had helped Ukrainian children. The video that we showed of the Vinnytsia Primary School 25# basement had a big impact on them in terms of what Ukrainian students are having to put up with and also, the huge change that the basement has seen. They hope that with their help, the situation will be better and improve the situation for more students. They like the fact that they have a nice bracelet to remember this day.

Eduardo Jose and Jimena
Valeria Valdivia

Valeria was also struck by the circumstances affecting Ukraine and Ukrainian students. She admires the bravery of the Ukrainian people. She really enjoyed the session and was happy to have been able to help the Ukrainians a little.

Valeriya Shcherbakova

Valeriya was born in Spain, but her parents are Ukrainian. She loved meeting Sofia and Dasha and was so pleased that we managed to help her country in such a humble way. She also said that taking part in the bracelet making had helped her mentally. We loved meeting you and helping you too Valeriya!

Mireia Rodríguez

Mireia wrote in beautiful English as you can see!

And we have one more bit of feedback to share, that we were sent in a text message:

Last Tuesday, Anne Robinson came to our school with two ukrainian girls to tell us about the situation of some schools in Ukraine because of the war. They showed us a video of the new basements they created for the children to study. We made bracelets with the colours of the Ukrainian flag and we donated 2€. We practised our English and had fun with them because they were super kind. Their organisation is called “Bracelets and Peace.” Sara González, Aitana San Torcuato, Candela Zamanillo

Thank you for your feedback students! You were super kind to us too!

Sofia and Dash at the end of a fruitful morning

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