Bracelets go on sale at Cecilia Puga Cabelereiros.(Hair Saloon)

When Elsa told Cecilia Puga about Bracelets and Peace, Cecilia immediately began helping this project by promoting it and then selling bracelets at her hairdresser’s – Cecilia Puga Cabelereiros, Melgaço, Portugal.

Ceci, the owner and a good friend of Elsa’s, did not hesitate to help us sell our bracelets, and they sold so quickly that we needed to get more of them to Portugal as soon as possible.

As she lives in Arbo-Spain, Anne Robinson sent them directly to her. (It’s quicker and cheaper to send them within Spain and every cent counts when it’s for a good cause.)

All the money raised will go towards helping Ukrainian refugees in the Melgaço areas.

Thank you Ceci for your help and support for Bracelets and Peace !

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