Busy braided bracelet-making in Asturias, Spain

Students at the Estudio de Inglés in Pola de Siero, Spain have been busy making bracelets for peace.

School director, Carmen Quirós tells us the story behind them:

“When this terrible war came into our minds, we started doing small things with the students, so that they were aware of the situation that other children like them were suffering not so far away. We started with some peace pigeons that have been decorating the window of our small school in La Pola (Siero). So, when I saw your project, we immediately wanted to join in.” 

“We showed the students your Facebook site and explained what was going on.” 

“After deciding with the students what type of bracelet we could do, we wrote the script and recorded the video.”

You can watch the video on the Bracelets and Peace YouTube channel.

“Now, after having uploaded it into our own Facebook page, it’s being used in other classrooms at school to do the same process with smaller children. They watch the tutorial and make their own bracelets, which they take home. So, as well as an awareness project about the war, it’s being used as a Listening project.”

“Congratulations on the marvellous idea you’ve had.”

And congratulations from us at Bracelets and Peace to Carmen and the students at Estudio de Inglés, especially to Nayra, Nerea and Paula who recorded the video to show us how to make the bracelet.

As you can see in the video and photos, this bracelet is easy to make and only needs three cords of around 45cm in length. If you can do it with a friend, it helps to get the tension right, or you can sellotape one end to a table.

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  1. Thanks for letting us participate in this marvellous project!!!!
    Estudio de Inglés.
    Carmen Quirós, school director.

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