Vinnytsia Primary School For Humanities #25 Class 1A

The students in Class 1A of Vinnytsia Primary School for Humanities are only six and seven years old, but they have made an amazing number of bracelets and other things! Oleksander and Vira made their bracelets together. Lera made some beautiful hearts for her school friends and owls for the school principal and teachers. Ihor’s bracelet is made from paracord, which is so strong that you can unravel the bracelet and use it in an emergency!

Oleksander and Vira
Lera’s hearts and owls
Ihor’s superstrong bracelet

Sasha hopes that when people look at her bracelet, they will smile and that the sun will shine on everyone. It’s her Gratitude Bracelet.

Sasha’s gratitude bracelet

And now, for Tanya, our champion bracelet maker! Tania has made a total of 55 bracelets so far! 20 for her father and the police officers who work with him plus 35 bracelets for her classmates and her teacher to remind them of their friendship, unity and care.

Tanya making bracelets
Tanya’s bracelets for her dad and his colleagues

And just look at Tanya in action!

Tanya making bracelets

What wonderful, inspiring bracelets, hearts and owls from such young students!

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