Bracelets and Peace at the Centro Britânico do Alto Minho

On March 15th and 16th, we were delighted to be invited to the Centro Britânico do Alto Minho. For two days, teachers and trainers gathered at the Celebrating the Art of Teaching conference. There were many inspiring sessions by a whole host of professionals from different schools in Portugal.

Celebrating the Art of Teaching and Cultivating Connections was the perfect setting for Bracelets and Peace to make new friends, create connections and promote new peace projects all over Portugal.

Elsa Canario, co-founder of Bracelets and Peace loved all the sessions and came back full of inspiration and ideas for the classroom.

Elsa at the Bracelets and Peace stand

And – the wonderful positive thing for us was that Bracelets and Peace had a stand at the conference. By selling wrapped hearts, sunflower keyrings, gift tags and, of course, bracelets, we raised 150 euros!

A special thank you to Adriana Araujo, Isabel Vieira, Carla Pinto, Patricia Granja, Ana Ferreira and Natalina Gonçalves for your invaluable help selling bracelets a

Elsa ran out of the sunflowers very early on and we have received orders for more!

Thank you to all the speakers for your donations. Anna Pires, Fran Seftel, Rom, Anita, Shawn, Beverley, Jenny, Sandra, Filipa, Susana – we appreciate your help and warm enthusiasm!

Elsa with Anabel Reis Alves, hearts, sunflower and bracelets!
Anna Pires with her heart, sunflower and bracelet!

We are so grateful to the Centro Britânico for inviting us to this conference. We’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to Anabel Reis Alves for inviting us and making us feel so welcome.

The money raised will be sent to Odessa to help supply essentials for the 2500 displaced families who have arrived in the area. It will make a real difference to their lives!

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