What you’ll need

It depends on the bracelet, but often 2 pieces of different coloured ribbon or any similar material, 1 cm wide and 1 metre long will make a great bracelet. Check each tutorial for the materials you’ll need

Bracelet tutorials

  • Materials for Bracelet Making Kits
    Bracelet making kits are useful things to have ready made and handy. As more and more bracelet making is going on around the world (something … Read more
  • DNA Spiral Bracelet
    Our friend Ana Herchuk, from Yes Institute in Portugal has once again done a wonderful job and shared her tutorial to make DNA Spiral Bracelets! … Read more
  • Busy braided bracelet-making in Asturias, Spain
    Students at the Estudio de Inglés in Pola de Siero, Spain have been busy making bracelets for peace. School director, Carmen Quirós tells us the … Read more
  • Kristina’s bead bracelets
    In this video, Kristina, from class 2A, Vinnytsia Primary School for Humanities #25 shows us how she made two bead bracelets using beads and silicone … Read more
  • The love bracelet by Dasha
    Today, we have a bracelet crocheted by Dasha, who is nine years old and a promising bracelet maker and crocheter! Materials needed: Crochet hook for … Read more
  • Friendship Twine Bracelet
    In our video on YouTube, Ana, from Yes Institute in Portugal, shows us very clearly how to make one of the most popular bracelets – … Read more
  • Tied Ribbon Friendship Bracelet
    In this video, Anna Zahorodniuk, from Class 1F, shows us how to tie one ribbon round the other ribbon to make a Tied Ribbon Friendship … Read more
  • The Friendship Loop Bracelet
    Sofia and Ernest, from Vinnytsia Primary School for Humanities #25 show us how to make a Friendship Loop Bracelet. You need two different coloured ribbons, … Read more