The Friendship Loop Bracelet

Sofia and Ernest, from Vinnytsia Primary School for Humanities #25 show us how to make a Friendship Loop Bracelet.

You need two different coloured ribbons, both about 1 metre 20 centimetres long and 1 cm wide (or 0.6/0.8cm for a narrower bracelet).

Ernest explains how to make the Ukrainian Friendship Loop Bracelet
  1. Cut your ribbons to the desired length.
  2. Take each ribbon about 10cm from one end. Make a loop with each ribbon.
  3. Twist one of the loops in front of the other, then round the back and through the other loop.
  4. Pull the loops so that they are not creased, but not too loose.
  5. Start threading one loop into the other, alternating colours.
  6. Continue until you have the desired length bracelet.
And Sofia’s video is also very helpful!

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