In 2019, Anne Robinson and Anna Duchenko met for the first time in Kyiv, then again in Vinnystia at a wonderful training event for teachers. Those first encounters translated into a friendship, and meaningful connection and exchange of experiences. One evening, Anna and Anne started discussing ways of inspiring students, helping them to develop new skills and hobbies. Discussion about a bracelet from that 2019 trip, and the idea was born!
Anna Duchenko and Anne Robinson, in Kyiv, 2019
Teachers from Vinnytsia Primary School for Humanities #25 with Chris, Anne and Daryna
2019 trip bracelet

Other educators and volunteers around the world have helped to shape and develop the project:

Elsa Canario
I’m am an English teacher and have a small language school in Melgaço, Portugal. When the the military invasion of Ukraine began, I joined a Facebook group which was collecting goods and medicine to send to the Ukraine. Parents, students and friends joined in this humanitarian cause and created a beautiful chain of solidarity, kindness and endless support to the Ukrainian people. So, when Anne told me about this project, I immediately agreed to join! The thought of encouraging people to get together and make bracelets to promote peace is amazing, so please: JOIN us! Let’s make a difference together!
Anna Karanikova
I’m an English teacher on a very small island in the Aegean Sea. Back in 2015, when the people from Syria started arriving on my island, I began to help by bringing food, clothes, blankets or toys. It’s heartbreaking to see mothers trying to keep their children warm and feed them, having lost everything. It’s solidarity, not charity. It’s standing by your fellow human being and saying “I’m here, you can count on me.” When Anne talked to me about the bracelets project, right away, I said: “Yes, let’s do this!” I don’t know if I can change the world, but I do know that I must do something. Please join us and share our dream.
Natalia Pleskanka
I heard about Bracelets and Peace through their work to help schools in Ukraine. From the moment I discovered what they were doing, I knew I wanted to be part of their activities. I love going to schools and meeting the students and teachers there. Sharing bracelet making with them and showing them just how much of a difference a small donation can make. Over in Mukachevo, in Ukraine, my mum Maria is able to deliver the aid that we either send or pay for to orphanages and displaced families. It’s so wonderful to see the difference that Bracelets and Peace is making in so many lives.

Since March 2022, Bracelets and Peace has grown and, thanks to bracelet sales and events, we have been able to help students in Vinnytsia get back to school, helping them equip their basements. We are also helping orphans and displaced families. Bringing essentials and a little happiness into their lives. To find out more, head over to our Bracelet Moments and Helping Us stories!

Our team has also grown. In Spain, Natalia Pleskanka, Daria and Sofia have helped us make bracelets and share our project in schools.

We are proud to work with Katarzyna Posnik and Sunderland for Ukraine.

And Helene Kell, as well as so many others in the UK, Canada, Portugal are helping our cause.

Katarzyna Posnik and Anne in Sunderland
Natalia Pleskanka in Santander
Anna, Helene & Anne at Rio Verde