Inspiring project at the Yorkville School, Toronto

Today we are proud to share details of an inspiring project which is taking place at the Yorkville School in Toronto, Canada.

Joanna (whose help and lemonade stall we wrote about) and her friends Claire, Ellie and Millie study at the Yorkville School. During school breaks, the girls began discussing how they could help raise awareness of the situation in Ukraine.

They decided to approach the school and ask if they could create an after-school programme to work on different activities to raise awareness about Ukraine and other issues.

For this to be possible, the girls needed a parent volunteer to help and Joanna’s mum Louise stepped forward.

The project was then listed as an official after-school programme, alongside sports, arts, study, etc.

Twelve students joined the programme and they learned about the war in Ukraine, made bracelets, wrote poems, coloured pictures and put together some posters about the war.

The school was so impressed by their activities that one of the five stations at the Friendship Day event at the school was allocated to them and they were able to showcase their work and tell other students about it.

They also made a video about their project and the situation in Ukraine, which they wrote the script for and recorded themselves. It was shown to every class in the school.

All the students in the school were also taught how to make some of the different bracelets.

Some of the students at the Yorkville School had the chance to speak to Anna Duchenko about the Vinnytsia school and the situation in Ukraine. They were very curious and asked lots of great questions!

The club was asked if they could continue in the next semester and all places were filled on the very first day it was offered. So many students have joined this amazing project already!

The students will continue to educate about Ukraine and other issues facing communities both in Canada and abroad.

This is what Bracelets and Peace is all about! Raising awareness, helping others and especially, working together to make a huge, positive difference!

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