Bracelets and Peace at Santa Casa da Misericórdia

As a proud member of Bracelets and Peace , I am always looking for opportunities to take our actions further and help the Ukranian refugee families in Melgaço.

Elsa Canario

Here are some photos of our Bracelets and Peace moments Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Melgaço.

We have created bracelets together with the help of their teachers Carla and Paula  and staff , which were later given to their families , who have kindly contributed to help the Ukrainian families.

A big thank you to the families and all the staff at Santa Casa who have also bought  our bracelets!

The children also created a poster for Bracelets and Peace!

We had so much fun working together. You are amazing!

Elsa and the Santa Maria da Misericordia team

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